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Experience your body in deep rest 
at ease with work and in life


Fitness for life – Body Awareness and Relaxation Program  

  • Conscious presence – observing the body’s feedback and expanding on body awareness 

  • Stillness – moving with a quality of being connected with your body

  • Balance – living and deepening a quality of harmony in your body 

  • Flow – Tuning down the nervous system and exploring vitality

This program is designed to increase body awareness and improve posture and movement patterns that contribute to enhanced health and well-being both in life and at work. The relaxation program offers a one hour session that assists connecting with the body. It is far more than theoretical concepts of relaxation but an actual practical and physical experience of what it feels like to be truly settled in the body and the mind. The program is based on a concept of conscious presence meaning that the mind and the body are connected in the same moment. From here people become more aware of the quality of their movements to provide greater levels of vitality and ease in the body. 


The techniques presented on this program have widespread practical applications both at home and at work.

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