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"It is as if my ‘normal' barometer has been reset,
there is much less chatter in my head
 and more space in my body."


Deeply rejuvenating form of healing treatment with needles

  • The needles used are very fine, disposable (single use) and sterile and are only inserted to a minimal depth (approximately 0.2 - 0.4mm).

  • Supports the client to drop below the tension and outer impositions to feel a new marker of normal in the body.

  • Supports the body back to true harmonious equilibrium, both energetically and physiologically.

Chakra-puncture® is a deeply rejuvenating form of healing whereby needles, applied very lightly and in specific patterns, can help the body re-configure back to its natural state of harmony and spaciousness. It is a modality based on the Science of the Nadis which are the energetic cells of life in our body. 


The configurations of needles activate the Nadis, which offers the client an opportunity to be more aware of the tension and stress being held in the body, and any busy-ness in the head. Once this awareness is brought to the fore, there is a realisation that this stress, tension and busy-ness is not 'you' and this brings an observation of, and detachment from, the momentum of all this activity. From this space of detachment a profound healing through a surrender to yourself and deep rest takes place. 


​Chakra-puncture® can be an opportunity to work on specific issues or on patterns of behaviour, either through stand-alone treatments or a series of treatments to form a program and is a modality of the Universal Medicine Therapies® that work in complement to your conventional medical care.

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