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Workplace Well-being

UnityCare – A business with a very clear and specific purpose

Without people there cannot be a successful business. Ranging from senior executives leading large teams, to small businesses with less than 10 people, each person in every business is a part of the whole and an essential part of the overall success of a business.


The health and well-being of the individual worker in an organisation will without question determine the overall health of the company. In today’s world people challenges in the workplace consume immense amounts of time and capital, and necessitate a constant and dedicated focus.

Health Programs & Packages

In Detail


Sessions and workshops for employees and managers... Support your whole company with our different service options such as team building sessions, health and fitness workshops, nutrition counselling, etc.


Interactive and multi-media Online Programs with personal email support in the fields of Workplace Fitness, Mental Wellbeing, and Work-Life Balance. Online programs provide consistency for development of your team with the least amount of time away from work.


Invest in your team... and offer your employees a wide range of private sessions, body treatments, team building workshops, mediation, problem solving consultations, etc.. Choose from our modular services to meet the needs of your company.


Unity Care offers consultations for your company to find the right combination to precisely match your needs. In close cooperation with you and your team our Modular Programs and Packages can be customised to suit your requirements.

We will gladly prepare a detailed proposal that adapts to your company's needs and requirements. Please contact us.


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To protect the privacy of our clients this video about our work at the Cologne Bonn Airport can only be shared as part of an Individual Proposal between Unity Care and your company. Please contact us using the form above.


Treatment & Services 

Currently you can choose from eight different modules to support the development of your team: